Mt Lord Valley

Walk: Mt.Lord Location Mt.Field Alpine Region

Lake Dobson - Emmett Creek - Mt.Lord Grade: MM/R Days: 1-2 Distance: 0 Hours :

Maps Dobson Ellendale Last updated Sunday, 6 January 2013

When coming from Lake Webster the track comes to an old junction with a blazed tree (6 blazes).  The track to Twilight Tarn turns sharp left and the valley track continues ahead (there are some trees on the ground blocking it off)

Track is somewhat overgrown until eventually meeting the Valhalla Creek and then crosses Cascade Rivulet twice just beyond it.  From here it is a mixture of bushland rises and herb moorland.  After crossing the first moorland the pad is unclear in the bush mound but crosses over the plain that follows, which does have a few poles to mark the way, to the next mound towards thBoronia citriodorae least treed part.  At this point the watershed is crossed and the track gently drops into the valley leading to Lake Emmett.  As the downward part is commenced there is a magnificent area of wildflowers (Boronia and mountain rocket)

About 15 minutes further on small flat clear area near a group of pines will take 3-4 tents.  Just passed the first group of pines.  There is a creek flowing onto the plain just north of here.  In summer we have found this area to have plenty of mosquitoes.  

From  this point it is possible to go through a short band of scrub to arrive at a wide open high valley  and this can be followed back towards Newdegate Pass area.  Several ascents from one valley to another is needed.  It is quite a bit more difficult this way than to use the inward route.  Once the high ground is reached you can either head towards Twisted Tarn by descending to an area of tarns and pines immediately to the north of Twisted Tarn or stay up high and go via Newdegate Pass. (I have only used the Twisted Tarn way)   The valley first mentioned also continues north towards lake Emmett, but it is not known what the conditions are like.

Bellendena montana - Mountain RocketThe track/pad from the group of pines continues  on to Lake Emmett and then becomes less obvious as you head to Mt Lord.  It is  along time since I was at Mt Lord so my memory of the ascent is a bit hazy.  It is fairly rough and you usually need to pick a route somewhere towards the escarpment edge.

It takes about 4:30 each way to Mt Lord.

The shorter walk to The Boronia area and the pine group takes 2:30 each way.