Mt Murchison West Coast Range Tasmania


Maps Selena Tullah Last updated Sunday, 13 January 2008

Commences from a few metres south of a track sign on Anthony Rd. near pole D15 and follows up the ridge through forest, including tall tea trees and then emerges into the open with head high bushes gradually

diminishing in size to waist level before turning north westerly and ascends cross slope. It involves several scrambles up rocks. Eventually steepness lessens before a clamber over a small rocky crest to reveal the central bowl of Mt Murchison and the final short climb on the sloping rock face to the summit.

The track is in good condition and takes 2:15 to 2:00 hours up and about 2 hours on return

Lake Sandra

A side trip to Lake Sandra start from pole D55 on Anthony Road. It can also be done as circuit in conjunction with Mt Murchison, but needs a car at both ends and a long road walk is involved.

This track when last walked was well cut through forest and scrub at start, but was not well defined over upper sections.