Grasstree Hill

Walks on Meehan Range

One option is follow up Catchpole Gully but take the left (lower) road at a junction as the upper one is blocked by a fence (you can always hop over the fences though)

The more enjoyable way is to head off the main Risdon Brook circuit track after the prominent bay and where a offshoot track leads to a gate. Once over the gate it just a matter of following the mostly distinct old vehicle track to a junction with a higher grade track then turn east then on arrival at a fence follow a rougher vehicle track steeply uphill. This ends at the top of the hill and from then on it a matter of picking the easiest route to the over to a fence line and eventually up to the Grasstree summit. A vehicle track heads north then west and on leaving the track head south over the hilltops to another rough vehicle track. This eventually leads to the north western end of Risdon Brook Dam.

Last updated Thursday, 19 June 2008