Madmans Hill and Gunners Quoin

After descending from Mt Direction cross over the flat open area directly north of the summit and descend at the far end to the power line gap.

From here either follow up the fence line or head back along the easement a short distance then turn up to Saggy Flats, which are quite nice, and then ascend to Madmans Hill from there. Descend to the gap between Madmans and Gunners and keep to the right of fences near the gap before heading up to Gunners Quoin. Usually we return by continuing on north and rounding Quoin Gully and following the flat ridge before dropping to meet the vehicle track that eventually leads to Risdon Brook Dam

Gunners Quoin itself is crown land but surrounding property is private. We have not come across any owners in the several times we have been there.


Unknown said…
how did it get the name mad man's hill, whats the story behind it please?
Peter Franklin said…
Sorry but I do not know the hsitory of the name. The Tas nomenclature board don't have a searchable database on the web as yet either.
Unknown said…
A convict labourer on the property went mad and hanged himself from a tree on the hill. Now said to be haunted and animals refused to go near the tree. Don't know if the tree is still there though. I believe it was in the 1980's.