Jackson Track

Last updated Saturday, 26 January 2008

Dolerite mountains with cliffs surrounding beautiful valleys with pencil pine forests and tarns

From the end of the Mersey Rd a track leads gently upwards to cross Jackson Creek on a metal bridge where there is a registration booth. The signed Moses Creek Track to Chapter Lake continues ahead here and on the right (SW) whilst an unsigned track follows Jackson Creek on the left (SE). It is quite a clear track and soon begins to climb steadily through regrowth Eucalypt forest. Some sections are benched and there are some wood steps in places. After about 30 minutes a section of several flattish steps is reached before arriving at an area of badly burnt rainforest.

This formerly forested area looks like a disaster zone with some relatively untouched at the edges of what is now an area with low ferns and grasses but without overstorey. Old sawn logs are the best indicator of the route so care is needed to make sure they are followed. When the edge of a steep forested slope is reached the track again become obvious as it ascends to top of the escarpment edge and sidles along level but rocky ground before emerging into an open valley. A pad goes along the left (eastern) side where there is an option to cross over to a rocky promontory or continue up the valley. With the latter at the very end take a sharp right turn and cross over a rocky area into the top end of another section of the open valley and follow to the far corner where a clear track leads through tea tree and bush land. This continues to another small opening which once crossed again picks up a clear track. Soon Lake Myrtle appears and the track continues to cross the outlet from Myrtle (Jackson Creek).

Expect to take about 2:30 for the walk to Myrtle the distance is aprox 4.7k

The Jackson Creek Track as it is shorter than the Lake Bill Track and has a more gradual altitude gain.

Camping available at Myrtle

The grid references are available to download

Rogoona is best climbed from the high point in the Myrtle to Meston track about 15 minutes from Lake Meston. Initially there is a small climb over rock slabs to a very pleasant snowgum woodland and climbs over a distinct ridge before dropping off that and climbing to the final summit ridge of Rogoona