Green Head

This walk commences from the Lime Bay camping area and follows the wide vehicle track for 1.5k until meeting a faint track leading north, the initial part has evidence of two wheel tracks from vehicle usage. Within a short period the track becomes single and climbs over the eastern edge of Black Rock Hill before gently heading down towards the shore. The track from then on is faint in parts but mostly is fairly clear and obvious, often with a well trodden pad.

After a bit over an hour of walking the track begins to provide good views of bays and cliffs as is traverses the headland and a few beaches are now in some of the bays. The walk remains quite level at around the 20 metres asl. Good views are obtained of hog and Sloping Islands and when the larger beaches are reached it is easy to descend to them and walk for most of the way to Lagoon Beach if the tide is low; just the last little headland has to crossed above the cliff.

Coast near Green Head

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