Lakes Belton and Belcher

From Wombat Moor

The moorland track is quite wet and braided but the descent to the Humboldt River is quite reasonable with just a few patches of encroaching scrub. Only the bearer logs remain of the bridge over the river and beyond is quite boggy buttongrass, which is pretty poor all the way to lake Belcher. The track to Lake Belton is somewhat indistinct, but not that hard to follow and has some tape markers. Although wettish in parts it is not very muddy anywhere. A couple of old fireplaces are visible at the lake edge with one looking to have been used in the last few years (2003), but hopefully not since.

Times aprox 2:30 to Belton

Wombat to Mawson saddle 0:50

Humboldt River 1:00

Lake Belton 0:40