Monash Valley

Mount Field Richea site

Summary Untracked route to a Richea scoparia flower site

The route to this valley can be varied and there is no definite way in or out, however it is generally easier to walk to the higher parts of Wombat Moor before descending into Monash Valley. One of the main attractions of the walk is the delightful flowers on the moor and in the valley. The displays of Richea scoparia from mid December to early to mid January are without doubt some of the best there is and the colour range is magnificent. Richea scoparia is endemic to Tasmania so this spot is one of the best places in the world to view the plant.

Start Point Wombat Moor

Introduction Generally uneven surface due to low vegetation and mounds of pineapple grass and areas of scrub

Hazards scrub and navigation

Route Conditions Roughish but not hard

Facilities no facilities

Route Grade MM

Route Distance Klms 5

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