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Yellow Cliffs

Location      Western Wellington
Route Summary      Very interesting tall cliffs with several layers, the biggest is the bottom one.
Walk Description

The easiest access is from Nicholls Road which runs off Collins Cap Road.  At the end of the road there is grass verge with room for cars.  The property on the left is owned by former Hobart bushcare officer Anna Greig. A gated rough vehicle track to another gate on the first bend continues. Through this gate a light impression of a track can be seen and this soon leads to the old Glen Dhu Trail.  The land now being crossed is private but the owner allows access so long as people stay on the track.

An old barrier marks the park boundary and the track is followed until a junction is met on the right. The vegetation here is tall and the track overgrowing by this point.  A marked route goes down to Glen Dhu Rivulet, it is faint at times but will usually be readily ascertained with care.  Care is also needed on a couple of steep b…

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