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Cape Pillar

The track from Fortescue Bay along the old cape Pillar track is in good condition and all the boardwalk is still in place. It is kept cut in part due to it being the access for the hut wardens.  The bridge at Agnes Creek has gone due to a tree falling and destroying it.
A steady but not steep track rises from the creek to the plains, which are colourful with flowers during Spring through early summer. It is easy walking to the Arthurs Peak junction.  Arthurs Peak track which had become quite overgrown has been recut by HWC as at November 2016. From the junction, the track goes through wooded areas before emerging on the plains of the Ellarwey Valley in two steps and joins the new Pillar track.
From here it is high quality track with sections under boardwalk and others hardened with gravel.  Just after one section of boardwalk start there is a gap in the vegetation indicating the old Cape Pillar track which descends to Lunchtime Creek.
It takes 1:15 to Arthurs Pk turnoff another 1:15 …

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