Mount Bridges

Location Mt.Field Alpine Region

Route Lake Dobson - Tarn Shelf - Mt.Bridges

Route Summary Walk to a spectacular shelf of tarns and onto a minor peak

This is a variation to the usual Tarn Shelf walk as it leaves the main shelf to cross a saddle to the prominent peak overlooking Lake Seal. There is also a fault line that can be entered for a close up view.

The walk does involve a bit of a trudge up to the Mawson Plateau and the return is back the same way.

From Lake Dobson the good quality track follows the shoreline before climbing gently on the Urquhart Track to meet the jeep road. This 4wd track is not the ideal way to get to the alpine area of Mt Field, but at the moment is the only way up from this area. A walking track leaves this near a ski lodge and meets a boardwalk that goes most of the way to a junction with the Tarn Shelf Track. The undulating track along the shelf is followed to Johnson Tarn and from there it is only pads which are most prominent in the thicker scrub areas on the ascent to Mount Bridges.

Map       Dobson

Last Updated Friday, 10 February 2012

Start Point Lake Dobson

Introduction Moderately difficult

Hazards navigation from the Tarn Shelf to Mount Bridges. Possible poor visibility on bad weather.

Route Conditions Various from good quality track, vehicle tracks, boardwalk, an undulating track  and a minor pad.

Facilities Toilet and shelter hut at Lake Dobson. A shelter hut at the start of the tarn Shelf

Route Grade MM

Route Distance Klms 10

Days 1

Access Lake Dobson


Time Hours 5 hours

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