Mount Patrick

Location Western Wellington

Route Lachlan - Jefferys Track - Patrick

Summary Walk to a fairly unspectacular mountain but in nice bush once leaving the fire trail

Mount Patrick from start of route

Description    From the Jeffreys Track starting point, which is just before the deep bog holes start in the track, is most uninspiring 3.6 k and 60 minutes walk in and out. The walk along the East West Trail is not unpleasant at all and takes some 45 minutes to get to the start of the bush section for the final bit to Mount Patrick.

The start of the bush track was easily spotted from a pile of rocks, but it is somewhat overgrown once on it. But there is enough usage to keep it quite obvious through the thick and numerous tapes have been added to mark the way as well. Once through the initial thick bush you come to an attractive open area, known as Georges Flagland. More usual bushland follows and old hut ruins are passed on a slabby rock top with views.

It takes about an hour from the turnoff to the summit allowing 5 minutes at the hut site and a bit less to  return to the East West; more like 45 minutes.

If tapes are not present after leaving the fire it is a matter of finding the best way through the tallish tea trees. Avoid the scrubby hill to the south and keep to the flat wet country eventually rising towards Patrick

Map  Wellington Walk

Last Updated   Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Start Point     Jeffreys Track via Lachlan

Introduction     Moderately difficult due to navigation

Hazards   Navigation

Route Conditions      Wet in parts

Facilities      none

Route Grade     MR

Route Distance  Klms      17

Days 1

Time Hours 6

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