Mount Field West

Location     Mt.Field Alpine Region

Route Summary    Walk to a peak on an alpine plateau in the Mount Field National Park


Climb over the rocky screes of the Rodway Range and descend to K Col. The track follows ridge to Clemes  Tarn then steadily ascends to Naturalist Peak (1428m) From this point is crosses the plateau to the summit.

On reaching the plateau there is a small creek with cold running water.It takes about 4 hours to reach the summit

Map       Dobson

Last Updated     Sunday, 8 April 2012

Start Point Lake Dobson

Introduction A significant rock scree has to be negotiated over the Rodway Range and the plateau can be difficult to navigate in misty weather.

Hazards Rock screes

Route Conditions Some significant rough sections

Facilities Toilets only at start. A shelter hut at K Col

Route Grade Long and medium hard

Route Distance Klms 17

Days 1

Features Cushion plants and tarns on plateau

Time Hours return 8

Height Gain metres 409

Distance to Destination 8500

Gradient 1:20.8

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Cushion plant on Mount Field West summit plateau