Mount Dromedary


Route Summary A bushwalk that climbs to a plateau area that was selectively logged many years ago, but is now not unpleasant country. It finishes in a steady and moderately steep climb to the summit.
Mount Dromedary Sign  at summit
Walk Description
There is car parking on the side of the road just before a barrier on Braslins Road.
The initial bit of the walk from Braslins Road is a steady but not steep uphill past some remnant buildings, although one the highest private properties has had more recent activity. At the first junction the left fork goes to Platform Peak and the right to Mount Dromedary. It can be a bit confusing if the 1:25 map is being used as it does not show part of the track in the correct position. It indicates it heads left up to the north east whereas it actually goes east south east to a junction.
Dromedary Map track
This left fork at this junction goes to Platform Peak and the one to Dromedary continues on the right fork in a north easterly direction to another junction. Parts of this section can be a little wet at times. At this second junction the right hand turn leads to Mount Dromedary by the shortest route. The track that continues straight ahead also goes to the same place but is somewhat longer and is detailed later.
Some sections had plenty of vegetation growing in the track, but nothing too overgrown to require pushing through. There were a few boggy stretches and the one creek crossing had a rock bridge to make crossing easy.
The final bush track was in reasonable condition.

There is an optional return route that is a little longer via the track on the northern side of Little Swamp. The track is a bit more open and drier this way. When returning take the right fork and then the next left one to bring you back to meet the inward route.
It is approx. 6.8k for the inward route at a takes some 2:45 hrs. with the optional return route about 7.2k and 2:30.
The walk is moderate in difficulty with the final climb taking close to 50 minutes and is moderately steep.

Map Broadmarsh
Last Updated Wednesday, 23 October 2013
Start Point Braslins Road, Black Hills
Hazards Rock screes and rough conditions on final climb
Facilities None
Route Grade Moderate
Route Distance Klms 14
Days 1
Access Braslins Road which is reached from New Norfolk via Back River, Black Hills then Braslins Rds
Time Hours 6
Gradient 1:16
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