Mount Remus

Route Summary   An exposed high moorland walk to a little visited peak north west of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

Walk Description

The track starts behind the lodgings beside Pencil Pine Creek and is marked as the Speeler Track. Initially this is boardwalk for several hundred metres then a junction is reached with the left fork marked as Reynolds Falls, Penguin to Cradle track and Pencil Pine circuit. One reference indicated to stick to the Speeler Track for about 1k and it may be that this track which continues on the right fork may provide a better way. The route taken here however the left one is as it seemed to be the most likely way.

There were no further signs for Reynolds Falls and the Penguin to Cradle track was not noticed although logically it should have been crossed. However the map and description on the latter track suggests that it would come in to the north of the north which probably brings it down the Speeler Track and thus not via the sign posted one at all.

Mount Remus from end of track

It goes through a bit more forest and skirts other sections before emerging onto a buttongrass plain. A tarn with a few nice pencil pines is reached and from here there is a down slope and then up to a ridge. With a bit of weaving the worst of the buttongrass can be avoided, but once on the crest where an old mining track is met this is followed. There is still about 2 kilometres of buttongrass remaining before below calf height scrub begins to dominate. To this point the track is fairly obscure but now becomes easier to follow. It climbs over a ridge to then drop to a pool below Back Peak with reasonable camping spots, then climbs mostly gently to the large plateau area of Recondite Knob. As the track descends into a gully the right or northern fork needs to be followed as the other fork is a dead end. It climbs again and then soon after again dropping towards Remus finally comes to an end.

It is scrubby from here but the best way is to head slightly SW (240 degrees) towards the ascent ridge to the eastern tors then along the scrubby crest for the final climb.

Inward time 7 Hours Return 6:30 Roughly 14 hours in walking time

Mount Remus from rocky knoll

Map      Pencil Pine

Last Updated    Friday, 8 November 2013

Start Point    Pencil Pine Creek at the old visitor centre near Cradle Lodge

Introduction    There is a significant navigation factor involved in getting to this peak, especially if there is not a clear view. Significant lengths of humpy buttongrass has to be crossed and approaching the peak an area of thick scrub has to be negotiated.

Hazards    Navigation and exposure to the elements

Route Conditions   Sections of boggy track, several kilometres of buttongrass and 1.5 each way of scrub

Facilities None

Route Grade Moderately rough

Distance Klms 22

Days 3 but can be done as a long day walk

Time Hours 14

Height Gain metres 350

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