Hidden tarn

Location      Mt.Field Alpine Region
Route Summary      A rarely visited tarn on a shelf below Mawson Plateau
Hidden Tarn view north
Walk Description      
The initial part of the walk is from Lake Dobson along Urquhart track then the jeep track (effectively road) to the ski field. Once above the last pole of the ski tow you are on the open Mawson Plateau
On the western side a short rock section is met then beyond a long slope of low alpine vegetation followed then a Eucalypt woodland before reaching the southern end of Hidden Tarn. The tarn was a great site and in effect had an almost sandy shore. From the distance it looked like a beach and once on it you realise it is fine grains from centuries of eroding dolerite. Hidden Tarn is about 5,500 sq. metres a bit over 100m long and 50m at the widest and doesn’t have an outlet. At times it must get quite full, but there is every indication that it holds water all year. In the deeper spots there are lots of small aquatic ferns and we noticed plenty of Mountain Shrimps (Anaspides). It takes under 2 hours actual walking to get to Hidden Tarn From there you could descend to Lake Belcher and walk out on the track. This walk however goes along the shelf for about 650 metres before it gives the appearance of becoming quite thickly scrubby. To that point there is a few sections of prickly scoparia to but also some easier walking including one open area of small herbs and grasses. It was a steep 200 metre ascent back to Mawson Plateau and for a variation you can go down the old Golden Stairs, which in fact is 500 metres shorter than by the jeep track. Tarn The return route this way is about 2:15. All up the walk is a total distance 7.2k and takes a bit over 4 hours of actual walking, but this does not include lunch and tea breaks.
Map      Dobson
Last Updated  Sunday, 15 February 2015
Start Point      Lake Dobson
Start Point      From the start of Mawson Mawson Plateau it is untracked
Route Conditions      moderately rough
Facilities       Toilets and shelter hut at Lake Dobson
Route Grade      Moderate
Route Distance Klms       7.2
Days      1
Access       Lake Dobson
Time Hours       5
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