VC Falls

Location      Mt.Field Alpine Region
Route Summary      A varied and fairly long day walk

Lake Belton with Florentine Peak
Walk Description      
If Lake Belton in Mount Field NP is viewed on satellite images some interesting features become apparent.   In particular there is a valley beside it with four tarns, a long narrow isthmus as well as the outlet creek dropping sharply down to Lake Belcher.
Wombat Moor at the start of the walk is usual quite wet but the track down to the Humboldt River is in good order following recent track work by the Friends of Mount Field.  Rather than follow the regular soggy ascent to Lake Belton, a route through the bush is a good option.  It commences immediately after crossing the river and takes some 50 minutes to reach the lake shore. Although there is a bit of light scrub it is a nicer way to get to this attractive lake perched as it is up on a wide shelf.  This optional route avoids the buttongrass and water on the track and is 1050 metres as against 1020 metres on the old track.
It is most pleasant easy walking along the ridge top bedside the lake.  Virtually for the whole length there is open areas that could be walked through and allowing viewpoints to the tarns, Lake Belton, down to the valley 100 metres below and to the surrounding peaks. The outlet creek is reached after about an hour and has pencil pines at the edge.
VC Falls onne of the lower drops
It is a short walk down beside the creek through the first real scrub for the day to VC Falls.  There are quite a number of small drops, reportedly 10, and the descent is steep.  The lake is probably best at this point, with numerous large pines along the shore with quite an extensive forest of them visible on the opposite side of the lake.
Soon the plain is met and the hut is a short distance further down the valley.  From there the notoriously wet and muddy walk along the valley to the crossing point on the Humboldt begins in earnest. Once at the Humboldt the inward route is followed back up to the saddle and onto Wombat Moor.

Map      Dobson
Last Updated  Saturday, 11 April 2015
Start Point      Wombat Moor
Start Point      Part is untracked and part is scrubby
Hazards      navigation
Route Conditions      Varied from good to bad
Facilities       hut at Lake Belcher
Route Grade      Moderate and roughish
Route Distance Klms       14
Days      1
Access       Wombat Moor
Time Hours       8
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