Mount Faulkner

Route Summary      Steep climb up a fire tail then a bash through
Walk Description      

Mount Faulkner has an access problems, and some reports indicated that there are property owners who are downright nasty. However, there is a route that is not such a problem with private land.  The road reserve does eventually cross gated private land but there is  a note indicating that a key can be obtained from Collinsvale Fire Brigade, but of course being on foot a key is not required.
Eucalypts on the early part of walk

Park in Elliston Street and walk up the marked Mount Faulkner Road, this eventually becomes rougher and has private property each side.  Keep left near an old wire fence line to a 3 way junction well past the last house and take the middle one which continues uphill. It winds up a benched track partly hewn from the rock. It turns left then right up past a small waterhole to reach another 3 way junction and a larger waterhole. Here there is some cleared land on the right.  Continue uphill quite steeply now and you are on Wards Fire Trail and it levels and passes under the summit to another 3 way junction.  Go right uphill passing a barrier and this goes right around the summit of Mount Faulkner, eventually going to the fire lookout on the top.

However, the route taken here   left it at a high point crossing a south east ridge. This is all bush and rocky in many parts. A large rock tor becomes visible and it is best to go around the west side (left hand) to avoid the thickest scrub.  This ridge route was 800 metres to the top and very soon after commencing it became scrubby but generally not too bad.

Our route up was slightly longer than return, about 7k as against 6.7k back. It took roughly 1:15 each way through the 800 bush section. In all the walk took 3:15 up and 3:00 back.
Map     New Norfolk 1:25k
Last Updated   Wednesday, 16 September 2020
Start Point      Elliston Street
Route Conditions      rough through bush

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