Mount Alma

Route Summary      An untracked route to the top of mountain almost opposite the start of the Frenchmans Cap track

Walk Description       IMG_9392 Mount Gell_thumb[3]

The start is just after a bend in the road at Double Barrel Creek and there is room to park the car at the side of the road. Once up the small bank a clear view of the route ahead is readily visible.
It is a steady ascent up the slope for 300 metres to the ridge top; mostly knee to waist high Melaleuca and Tea tree with buttongrass on this section.   At the top of the ridge head north until above a distinct dip down to saddle with a short band of trees.  Cross this and then follow the open part of slope up to where trees and high scrub are met. From here it can be thick in spots and a bit slow with energy needed to push through the scrub.  Depending on the route taken this should come out on the southern end of a summit plateau.                                                   Mount Gell

This generally seems to be about 875 metres in altitude whilst the northern end is over 880 metres in height and a distance of 400 metres further on.

Map      Loddon

Last Updated  Saturday, 8 March 2014

Start Point      Double Barrel Creek

Introduction      It is rough is in parts and several quite thick scrub sections and the walk is predominantly a steady uphill one.

Hazards      Navigation is quite an important factor

Route Conditions      Rough and scrubby

Facilities       None

Route Grade      Moderate to Rough and on the hard side

Route Distance Klms       6.75

Days      1

Access       Western side of Double Barrel Creek on Lyell highway

Time Hours       5

Height Gain metres       490

Distance to Destination metres       2300

Gradient       1:4.7

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Mount AlmaMount Alma