South Wellington Milles Circuit

Route      Springs - Ice House - > Devils Gulch - Disappearing Tarn - Milles Track

Location      Mt.Wellington

Route Summary      A bushwalk on a fairly uneven route climbing from The Springs on Mt Wellington to the alpine area before descending over rocky ground to join a formed track back to the start.

Walk Description      

The walk starts by using the Ice House track to the top of the climb where it levels out on the lower South Wellington plateau. The last part takes the Wellington Falls and Milles tracks back to the start at The Springs. The track is marked on the Wellington Park recreation map.

Cliffs at Devils Gulch

Devils Gulch

From the top of the Ice House Track the route heads off south towards Devils Gulch, initially it is not that obvious but a pad can be located once over the early rocky ground. There is also another track further west on the open moorland. Both join and a pad follows in the general direction of the rock of the Devils Gulch area to eventually come to a short rock scree. Some marker rocks are often here and below this nice bushland is again entered and a distinct pad has developed running west along a pleasantly vegetated shelf before turning briefly north then back to west before a descent over a short scree. From here a distinct pad with occasional tapes leads west to south west for a shade over 1 kilometre before beginning to descent. At first it is pretty obvious but as a couple of rocky areas are met the route is less clear, but is often marked with tape of cairns. On two occasions the route over rocks heads sharply right/west and the pad is again picked up. Eventually an area with a couple of small streams is met and the pad turns more southerly again and leads down to the western side of the large Potato Fields scree near Disappearing Tarn. During this last downward section , but before the Potato Fields is reached, there is another rocky section where care is needed to follow the right route.

Map      Wellington Recreation

Last Updated  Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Start Point      The Springs, Mt Wellington

Introduction      This walk requires good navigation and sections go over quite bouldery ground with few markers to indicate the route. It is moderate in difficulty and takes some 6-7 hours.

Hazards      Boulders

Route Conditions      Rough indistinct route in sections

Facilities       Toilets at The Springs

Route Grade      MM

Route Distance Klms       10

Days      1

Access       Springs

Time Hours       5

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South Wellington Milles Circuit