Mount Rogoona

Route Summary      A low use pad  leading to the summit of a mountain near the Walls of Jerusalem.

Walk Description      

Details for getting to the start point at Lake Myrtle via Jackson Track can be viewed at this site. The Jackson Creek Track as it is shorter than the Lake Bill Track and has a more gradual altitude gain.

At the 10 minute from Lake Myrtle a rock slab area is met and care is needed here as the main track to Lake Meston veers left and slightly down. It is a clearly used and marked pad. However cairns on this rocky area can indivertibly lead you to the rough route to the Rogoona summit. This is described below as the optional route.

Rogoona can be climbed from the high point in the Myrtle to Meston track about 15 minutes from Lake Meston or from a rocky slope shortly after leaving Lake Myrtle. With the first mentioned route, initially there is a small climb over rock slabs to a very pleasant snowgum woodland and climbs over a distinct ridge before dropping off that and climbing to the final summit ridge of Rogoona. The other way is a steady but not overly steep ascent over a series of rock slabs to arrive in a pleasant small valley on the plateau. From here it joins the other route.

The shorter optional route is 3.7k and it takes 1hr to a small valley on the plateau and close on another hour (55 min) to the summit. This is the inward ascent route so may slightly quicker to return that way. The longer route is 5.8k (an extra 2.1k) but is easier walking and takes 2:20 on the descent back to Lake Myrtle. Combined the two routes are 9.5k.

Mount Rogoona and Lake Myrtle

Map      Cathedral

Last Updated  Sunday, 4 May 2014

Start Point      Lake Myrtle

Route Grade      moderate to rough

Route Distance Klms       9.5

Days      3

Access       Mersey Forest Rd

Time Hours       6

Height Gain metres       300

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