Pelverata & Slippery Falls

Route Summary      An easy to follow track to the falls, with an optional rough section to the top of the falls.
Walk Description      
Pelverata Falls
The walk to Pelverata Falls is reasonably short and it can be reached in an hour of walking. Initially the track is quite wide, then at about the halfway mark there is right hand turn onto a narrower walking track. As the end is approached the track becomes somewhat rocky and uneven in a few spots. Overall the track is fairly gently uphill, but spread out over the 3k.

Top of falls and to Slippery Falls
There is a rough route marked with cairns that ascends from near the end of the track and climbs some 130 metres up a scree slope. After the climb it is just a short distance to the top of the falls, crossing two close to where two creeks meet.
View to Slippery Falls from scree ascent

Over the creeks there is a worn track to a large cleared and degraded area used by 4wd vehicles and a short way up this is the track to Slippery Falls. This track keeps fairly close to the edge of the escarpment with a couple of sections overgrowing with bauera and sags. Eventually it leads down to the falls. At the bottom of this short descent there is a rough track that goes up the valley of the Slippery Creek Falls and care is needed on return to avoid taking this one.
The return walk including to the top of the falls is 8k and entails a 320 metre climb including 130 up the scree. It takes about 1hour to falls platform and another 30 min to the top of falls. Back down also takes 30 minutes, but the walk to the car tends to be a bit quicker taking about 50 minutes.
Map      Huon 1:1000k
Last Updated  Saturday, 3 May 2014
Start Point      Car park at end of Crosswells Road at Pelverata.
Route Grade      Moderate with an optional rough section to Slippery Falls
Route Distance Klms       6 or  9.5
Days      1
Access       From Sandfly via Kaoota to Pelverata, then up Crosswells Road.
Time Hours       5.5  if including Slippery Falls
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