Pottery Hills

At the end of Pottery Road in Lenah Valley a ridge runs along the top of the hills stemming from near Junction Cabin on Mount Wellington. Numerous tracks converge at the steep Breakneck Track, but in the hills close to the car park there are opportunities for some very pleasant short walks, including circuit that passes through a variety of habitats.
A small car park capable of holding about 3 cars is just before the barrier at the end of the bitumen and just beyond the barrier is another parking location.  This barrier is normally unlocked; in fact I have never seen it locked. The sealed uphill side road on the other hand does have a locked barrier and leads to water storage tanks.
Walk along the gravel road for 300 metres until reaching a bend where a walking track will be observed heading up on the left and marked by two white posts. Follow this as it gently winds upwards and around the slope through attractive dry country eucalypts. This track, which has been used by walkers for a number of years and in more recent times has attracted bike riders, ends at the junction with the wide New Town Track. Either turn left here or use the gentler option that also turns left from a junction a few metres downhill.  At the top of this rise is particularly attractive area of flora growing in the mudstone soil especially at the mid spring time of year.

Go right at the first junction down a narrower track to Noahs Saddle.    From this open grassy spot take the narrow track from the north east corner and follow to a four way junction.  This places you at the top of The Slides which once was quite open and grassy slope, but has now become quite dense vegetation at the bottom. At the junction the left track is taken, it was created by bike riders in recent years, and comes out on the top of hill where some large eucalypts are growing. Next it is down the track to cross a vehicle track and then a fence and gate is reached on another vehicle track. Once through the gate the vehicle track joins one coming from Mcrobies Gully  and from there it joins with one going to Knocklofty.

The distance of the walk is 4.3k.

Tracks  in Pottery Hills

The GPX file can be downloaded at this link